I may be dead, by I'm everywhere. Keep digging bitches, I'm still watching all of you.


Like I said, this isn’t even remotely funny.
Plus! Feathers are latest fashion. Pink streaks just don’t work with me anymore! They remind me of my bitter days.

But weren’t those ‘bitter’ days, the good ones? I’m sure they’re much better than what you’re dealing with now.


No, you can’t be - it’s not possible - Alison is dead. I watched them roll your body from your backyard.

No. I’m just dreaming. That has to be it…. Right?

I am dead, Em.

You know, I’ve really missed you.

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This is not funny. Whomever that is…Stop it.

Aria, you lost the pink streaks but replaced them with feathers? Personally, I thought the pink gave you more of an edgy look.

You were always my favourite. Nobody loved me as much as you did


Seriously, this is not funny. Ali is dead, and if dead girls can’t smile, they sure can’t fangirl.

Calm down, Killer. It’s me. Really.

By the way, you better make that bitch pay for digging my grave up.

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emmerstoashes said: Making a Tumblr for Alison is disgusting. Is this A? First you dig up her body and now you blog for her?

Come on, Em. Guess again.

So let me get this straight.

A is still here? Big shocker. I can’t believe you girls are surprised.

Even from six feet under I love a good torture.